Xiaomi does not recognize the strength of pure Android

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Removing the official account Xiaomi message in Twitter caused a serious storm in the community of fans of the company’s smartphones. The reason is that this tweet contained a vote in which subscribers chose whether they like pure Android or MIUI more.

In the survey, almost 15 thousand people took part, and the winner with a result of 57% was Android One. The preponderance can hardly be called critical, but to someone in Xiaomi the result of the vote seemed to be unsatisfactory, so it was decided to delete the message. Fortunately, the subscribers managed to take screenshots of the survey and published them in free access.

Голосование Xiaomi

Removing the vote seems strange, you could guess in advance what kind of noise this action will cause. Moreover, Xiaomi has a smartphone Mi A1, just running a pure Android and included in the program Android One. Not so long ago, the device received an upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo.

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