Update Android Wear 2.8 will increase the autonomy of smart watches

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Watch Huawei Watch 2 was the first to receive an upgrade to Android Wear 2.8. There are only two changes in it: a more compact design of alerts, allowing you to place more information, and changing the colors of almost all menus from gray to black.

This move in the update of Android Wear 2.8 will save battery power for most hours. The fact is that many of them use the AMOLED screen, in which black color is reproduced by stopping the power supply to the corresponding pixels. Judging by the photos from one of the users of the Reddit forum, Google finally figured out to use this feature of the technology. It is noteworthy that the old background is used in the menu with information about the system.

According to the feedback of the owners of Huawei Watch 2.0, not all this update brought black backgrounds. Probably, Google engineers are still testing the change on a limited number of devices, monitoring burnout and other problems that can suddenly arise. The timing of Android Wear 2.8 on other current smart watches is still unknown, as is the probability of activating a new black “theme” in them.

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