The owners of iPhone X are shocked by the battery life of the smartphone

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Apple asks for the iPhone X the largest amount of money among all mobile devices on the market, available for purchase to ordinary buyers. The novelty is equipped with the latest technology – the 5,8-inch Samsung OLED screen, the top 6-core Apple A11 Bionic processor, 3 GB of operative and 64/256 GB of permanent flash memory, the face ID face scanner and the dual-core camera. In other words, the “apple” corporation created a smartphone that “outpaces its time.”

The new Apple flagship has a lot of problems, some of which can not be solved with software updates, but most iPhone owners are shocked by the battery life of the entire device. Some say that when the phone has SIM cards installed, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are active, in standby mode, the phone can be in this state for 100 hours or about 4 days. This is a very impressive indicator, since all other Apple smartphones can not work for so long.

The iPhone X has a 2716 mAh battery, which is larger than the iPhone 8 and slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. Nevertheless, as claimed by its owners, this device has an extremely high battery life, which at first even shock users, but then you already get used to it. With moderate use, the battery will last 2 full working days.

It is also important that the iPhone X became the third smartphone Apple, which received support for fast charging, but for this it is required to spend about $ 100 on a special charger and a corporate cable from USB Type-C to Lightning. In addition, the novelty of the “apple” corporation boasts the support of wireless charging technology to the Qi standard, so the back of its lid is made of glass.

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