LG G6 price leaks – but is it really this expensive?

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The price of LG G6 seems to be fully disclosed.

The largest seller of electronics in Germany MediaMarkt is LG G6, sold at a reasonable price of 749 euros in the options “Platinum”, “White” and “Black”. We contacted LG to confirm this pricing policy, and received the following response from the press secretary: “We can not confirm the British prices.”

In any case, 749 euros is an expensive amount for a smartphone. With direct currency conversion, the LG G6 was simply shy of £ 655 in the UK and just over $ 799 in the US. For comparison, our review price of LG G5 was £ 529.

If LG G6 makes a price of € 749, it can rub with some consumers. In the end, the phone has 32 GB of memory as standard, which is less than 64 GB offered by OnePlus 3T and HTC U Ultra. And the Galaxy S8 from Samsung, which will be released later this month, by default will also contain 64 GB of memory.

LG G6 is also notable for the fact that it uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip last year, which is not as new or powerful as the top Snapdragon 835 chip, which we expect to see in the Galaxy S8. Given the fact that Snapdragon 821 runs 10% faster than Snapdragon 820, we saw in the LG G5, customers can pay for minimal performance improvements.

However, we were impressed by the LG G6 so far. The design is much more refined and attractive compared to the LG G5, and the performance seems respectable. But pricing can significantly affect our verdict, as Mobile Editor Max Parker writes in our review:

“I believe that it was LG’s best phone for many years, but with improved competition, it’s a tough challenge that will stand up to the upcoming iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. The price will be a big factor, and if it turns out to be cheaper than these models, then LG can have a winner on their hands. ”

Unfortunately, until we get an official assessment of LG, we will have to reserve the solution. There is a possibility that MediaMarkt information may be incorrect, and it is unlikely that the British pricing will be a direct currency conversion with the European R.R.P. The bad news is that, given the diminishing cost of Sterling, this can be even worse.

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