Nokia 8 incoming? Fresh Android flagship duo still rumoured to launch.

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As dust settles on MWC 2017, fresh rumors from China suggest that Nokia is still preparing to launch a new flagship duo in the form of a Snapdragon 835 package Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Plus.

This, according to the Chinese blog Android Anzhuo (H / T Ubergizmo), which says that Nokia is preparing two flagship Snapdragon 835 for launch in June.

The site adds that the devices will be almost identical, except for the screen size (as it should be in the current trend, one will be a larger “Plus” offer), both of which will have an all-metal design, a dual-camera configuration and Qualcomm Chipset.

Honestly, we process these messages with an unhealthy dose of salt. The blog does not have obvious signs of where the rumors come from, plus the June show seems to be a little soon, given that the brand belonging to HMD has submitted three new phones to the Mobile World Congress.

Nevertheless, we do not discount them completely, because this year Nokia has another trick or two, in addition to the recent new marketing blot Nokia 3310.

What for?

Well, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are not flagship devices, and the Finnish company certainly has some aspirations at the top level of the market.

In addition, the all-metal assembly, camera setup, Snapdragon 835 and a larger display model are not very radical these days, so in the end, they may well prove to be true.

We will know for sure later this year, when my money will be on the autumn launch and the release date not long before 2017.

WATCH: Nokia 5 and Nokia 6

Will you wait for the Nokia 8 or look elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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