Report: iPhone 8 to keep Lightning, but USB-C may still be incoming

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple could abandon its patented method of charging Lightning for USB-C, when the iPhone 8 will arrive later this year.

If this prospect made you raise your eyebrows so high, they got off your head, then you were not alone.

While Apple embraced the USB-C with a range of MacBooks, moving from the standard Lightning to the iPhone 8 would be a completely new ball game, unleashing new layers of the key and the Hell adapter (pictured) for many users.

Now, a recent study notes that although USB-C may be, it will not be on the business end of the cable.
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Analyst Min Chi Chi Goo believes that part of the USB-A cable will be replaced with USB-C, which can allow faster charging for iPhone users.

In a note received by MacRumors, Kuo wrote: “We believe that all three new iPhones that will start in the second half of the year 17 will support fast charging thanks to the use of Power-Delivery Type technology (while saving the Lightning port).

“The key technical problem is to ensure product safety and stable data transfer during fast charging.”

Of course, this means that this week’s report from the Wall Street Journal was not erroneous, just ambiguous in its ability to interpret.

It is expected that the tenth anniversary iPhone and, probably, the 7th escort will arrive in September 2017. Our first look at some new features may appear in June, when Apple will introduce iOS 11 to WWDC.

What are you hoping for when the iPhone 8 rolls around? Share your thoughts in the comments section above.

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